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Why Is My Gas Hot Water Heater Not Working


But be careful - water will be very hot. Any ideas what this could be? It has been almost 24 hours, and still the same thing. Its weird! navigate here

Then I get the hot water. I discovered that the drain valve washer was cracked and replaced it. With the old heater, which was about 10-12 years old, I only had to maybe turn the knob 10 degrees to the left, and the water would be really hot. Sometimes I'll try a faucet and get hot water then later in the day or the next day I'll try the same faucet and the water is cold and will not

Gas Water Heater Thermocouple

If pilot light goes out periodically, these might be the cause of the problem: condensation may be extinguishing the pilot light, insufficient combustion air supply, clogged or incorrect vent system or Low gas pressure or a malfunctioning gas control valve could also cause a pilot light to go out repeatedly. A clogged flue or vent could also be the problem. The valve at the bottom is a drain valve.

  1. My water heater is in my gargage on a cement platform.
  2. It helps to know how to solve basic outages yourself, as discussed below.
  3. The control valve keeps the small pilot light on and once the temperature on the thermostat drops below the set temperature it ignites the burner.
  4. I had already replaced the thermocouple before doing this.
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Any suggestion? Check if it’s working and compare the actual temperature of the water to what is shown on the gauge. Very easy fix, step-by-step instructions on youtube Marian Robertson I just moved into this townhouse last December. Gas Water Heater Leaking The gas starts flowing but doesn't light right away.

FIX IT Home Improvement Channel 499.261 visualizaciones 6:20 GAS WATER HEATER PROBLEMS,will not stay light - Duración: 18:10. Gas Water Heater Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit Discover how the pilot light lies within an outer and inner cover with help from a master plumber and heating specialist in this free video on hot water heaters.Expert: Chris SpannagelBio: But now The burner will not stay lit.

My problem is a sound started occurring the best way I can describe it is it sounds like a small air compressor in the wall.

Burners start up and run for about 15/20 min. Gas Water Heater Troubleshooting No Hot Water Don't panic! Get a Water Heater Repair Pro Fast! If not, call in a service technician.

Gas Water Heater Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

You'll get your hot water going without waiting for a pro to show up and save the cost of a service call. If the pilot tube or orifice is clogged, clean it. Gas Water Heater Thermocouple This is a big problem where any spark is hazardous. Hot Water Heater Pilot Won't Light When the gas burner comes on, use a 50/50 dish soap/water mix to test the screw joints for air bubbles that indicate leaks.

When Not to Replace the Thermocouple Some

Now, it is much easier to do gas hot water heater troubleshooting. http://nadrp.com/water-heater/why-the-water-heater-is-not-working.html The service man thought my water softner may be backflushing into my water heater when it recharges at night. When I first get up in the morning to take a shower the water is just luke warm. Añadir a Cargando listas de reproducción... No Hot Water How To Fix

We will assume during this presentation that gas water heater was properly installed and was function correctly before your problem occurred. Decompression is another reason why the pilot flame will fail. If you can gain access to your hot-water pipes, from the basement, for example, put foam water pipe insulation sleeves onto them to minimize heat loss. • Periodically check the temperature-pressure http://nadrp.com/water-heater/water-heater-not-working-right.html Reply ↓ Larry Shimoda October 16, 2016 at 10:32 pm I installed a new 40 gallon electric water heater.

Cargando... My Water Heater Is Not Heating Water When excessive water temperature is detected, the safety shutoff stops the flow of gas to the burner, and water heating is terminated. Esta función no está disponible en este momento.

Gas companies OFTEN do not do meter readings and just estimate usage.

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I understand this is air in the water and it clears fairly quickly. Let the pros fix these as well. Because a gas water heater operates much differently than an electric water heater, dealing with a water heater that doesn't work at all will depend on whether it is gas or http://nadrp.com/water-heater/water-heater-rv-not-working.html Hot Water Is Too Hot ©Don Vandervort, HomeTipsMark the water heater dial and adjust it to a lower setting.

We had the plumber out and he can't figure it out. I also changed from well water to county water and installed a pressure valve in line with my main line. So we cleaned up all the water, drain the tank halfway, which is 40 gallons. Each time in exactly the same place!

If this doesn't solve the problem, the anode rod may need replacement. If middle one is leaking, the valve is broken (most likely) or your water is too hot (very rare occurrence). Water Heater Problems: No Hot Water With a water heater, the most common complaint is that it doesn’t heat water at all. If this is the case, turn the water heater's dial to a warmer setting until the weather warms up.

Follow manual for the right spec. By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine TIME Instant! Any help on what the problem could be? Also known as, mainline.

Mine is a safety that is under the burner that went out. Smith - Troubleshooting Gas Water Heaters - HD Supply Facilities Maintenance - Duración: 27:48. Seems my tank was filling and draining nonstop so I shutoff the in and out lines to the tank and no more noise. can I do anything about this ?

Wait until the gas smell has dissipated before relighting the pilot light. Inside the water heater tank, sacrificial anode rod is used to prevent corrosion due to water heating process. Could it be the thermocouple? , dirty burners? Can someone please give me advise on what to do to fix this problem Don Vandervort, HomeTips Sounds to me like a defective pressure relief valve, but I'd like to have